Under water we also need to communicate. Of course we are not able to talk, so people invented a system of signs by which we can express quite precisely what needs to be communicated immediately. We present the basic signs used by divers.

Before we show a sign, we should make sure that the person we want to say something is looking at us. Each sign must be made outside the figure to be clear – dark foam plus dark gloves make the sign not read or read incorrectly.


The thumb and the forefinger form a circle. The other three fingers are straight and joined. “OK” means that everything is fine or that we accept the message of the second diver. “OK” sign must always be confirmed by a second diver with “OK” or “something is wrong”.


Something is wrong

Your hand at waist height in a horizontal position, the outside part of your palm put to the top, fingers spread. To show that something is wrong lightly shake your hand horizontally. Then you should indicate with what we are having a problem – with a mask, a regulator etc.

I do not understand

The hand bent at the elbow, fingers pointing upwards – we spread them and fold. This sign means lack of understanding of the sign of the partner – then the partner must repeat his sign. It may mean also a loss in a given situation.


The hand stretched out and the palm clenched in a fist, a thumb exposed – indicates the direction upwards. This means that the direction of swimming is up and the emersion takes place.


The same as for “upwards”, but the thumb is directed downwards. This means swimming down and the immersion.