dzieci i nurkowanie

If the kids are familiar with water from early age, they do not have the resistance or fear of dipping below the pane. That is why – can they dive safely? How should they begin the adventure with diving?


Having fun is a safe fun

Kids love to spend time by the sea and the lake. For some building sand castles is not enough. How to keep them safe if they dream of not only swimming, but also diving? As usual, diving course will be invaluable. Children who are at least 10 years old can take part in it.


Learning first of all

The training takes place first at the pool. After the theoretical part, students go down under the water under the watchful eye of an instructor. Some schools allow parents to be present at these classes. Of course, this is not necessary if the child does not feel such a need and is quite courageous to face this task alone. The next step are open water courses. If a child passes tests successfully, is certified Junior Open Water Diver and can dive up to a depth of 12 m.


Reaching the threshold of 10 years is not enough. The child must know how to swim, but it does not have to be a very high level. There should be also an important medical examination with the note “able to dive” and the written consent of parents or legal guardians. For classes in water there is also needed ABC kit, i.e. mask, snorkel and flippers. With such equipment you can go snorkelling, so swimming on the surface of water and enjoy shallow lying objects, for example, coral reef. For this you do not need the course.