This is the only way out for some crazy enthusiasts of diving who cannot live without it – you can dive like that in Poland only in the winter. However, such a variety of diving is not available for everyone.

Experience and training

Novice divers cannot dive under the ice surface, because it is simply dangerous. To take advantage of this pleasure you have to undergo a special course consisting of theoretical and practical parts. In addition, a large dose of experience and the right partner are necessary. If we do not have experience in diving under the ice, we must do it with someone who has such experience, preferably with an instructor.


First of all we should dive only in areas that we already know. Of course you need to drill an air hole – it is a lot of work. It must have the shape of a triangle with a side length of 2-3 m. We use the motor saw to make it easier. The bottom shall not be shallower than 3-4 m below an air hole. It should not be drilled if the ice is less than 15 cm thick. We should remove snow from the area of air hole so that more sun could go under the ice. As for equipment – it must be able to be used in the winter. As the suit is considered – you can use dry one (underneath you should wear thermo active underwear) or wet one with waterproof zippers, gloves, a hood and so on.


Not only is a diving partner a form of protection. Each of the divers must be attached to the lifeline. At the other end, on the ice surface, there are people who stand by and protect. In case of any problems – freezing of a regulator, rope’s entanglement etc. – you should return to the air hole. There any problems are solved.