Today we will deal with little pleasant but extremely important topic. It is about emergencies and accidents. Why do they happen? How to avoid them? How to respond?

The reasons for the emergence of emergency situations and accidents

There is a fundamental difference between the situation of emergency and a diving accident. The first of them is a situation due to which we have to change plans because, for example, a diver got entangled in the net, but he was liberated so problem was solved and diving could be continued. Nothing happened to anybody. In contrast, an accident is an event which resulted in a diver suffering an injury or losing his life. The vast majority of them happen to be a result of human error – failure to comply with safety rules, insufficient skills or improper use of the equipment. Diving equipment alone has very rarely any breakdowns. Sometimes seemingly trivial emergency situation ends tragically, because under stress a diver panics and takes a wrong action.


The easiest way to avoid accidents is following the principles of safety, stress management, diving in accordance with the skills and taking care of regular servicing of the equipment.

How to react?

Every situation is different, so it is difficult to find repeatable pattern. Sometimes help is needed just now under the water, but it requires a lot of experience and cold blood. Divers should train such situations. After pulling the diver out of the water we provide him first aid on the shore or even on a boat. Sometimes it can happen that you have to help even on the water surface, e.g. – to tow a tired diver.