Diving is fun – dipping below the surface of the water, you can watch a world that is not available every day. How to get started with diving? How to take the first step?

Firstly – health

It is not true that diving is a dangerous sport, but you have to remember a few things. First of all, if someone suffers from diseases associated with hypertension, epilepsy or mental illness he should give up diving. Preferably before the first immersion consult your doctor. In most countries (including Poland) written evidence of fitness to dive is required to actively practice the sport. Before each training a questionnaire on health is filled in. If we have any doubt, it is better not to tempt fate.

Secondly – knowledge

You cannot learn to dive alone, a qualified specialist is required for it. Therefore, forget about diving without a course. There are a lot of diving schools in Poland and in many countries especially those living from tourism. You can partially pass the course in Poland (theoretical part plus classes in the pool) and leave the rest for the tropical voyages. The exception is snorkelling or swimming on the water surface with snorkel, scuba mask and flippers as well as free diving, so apnea diving. For this type of diving just basic equipment and a bit of common sense are needed.

Thirdly – equipment

There is no secret – diving equipment is expensive. Unless it is enough for us to use ABC, which is the basic equipment – mask, snorkel and flippers. For a start it is enough and if we get a diving bug, then we can invest in more sophisticated equipment, so diving foam, diving cylinders, a regulator, a dive computer, a torch and so on.