Diving is also swimming, only it is under water. You cannot dive without very good swimming skills. Among divers, there are such concepts as the peak performance buoyancy and the neutral buoyancy.

The peak performance buoyancy

If a candidate for a diver cannot swim the crawl with his flippers for 200 metres, you definitely should not begin the adventure of swimming under water. The only advice is to practice. The better we are doing on the surface of water the better it will go below the surface. A series of exercises – both on the surface and below the surface – should do the trick. You should focus on tasks such as the balance and the buoyancy control, balancing on the flippers, hovering in depths, returning in a place, maintaining the horizontal and the vertical figure.

The neutral buoyancy

This is nothing but the ability to maintain a stationary position. That is such in which the gravity and the buoyancy are in balance. To achieve this, several factors are used. The most important is to regulate the amount of air in the vest (at bigger depths), regulating the ballast during control immersion also regulating the diving with inhalation (emersion) and exhalation (immersion) of air, so through your own lungs.